Saturday, July 25, 2009


I called Jess last night to check in just because I haven't spoken with her since last week.
She called me at 3:00 this afternoon to let me know she (and Amanda because they are now best buds) were up to visit my parents and would she be able to come by to drop off Avery's birthday present... UGH! Thankfully, we were not home because I HATE them just dropping by expecting me and my pathetic life to revolve around their wishes. I did tell her that I wished she had told me she was coming because I would have liked to have been included in her little family reunion but she said it was last minute blah blah blah... Yeah, right! Calls me at 3:00 when she's already here and Amanda is with her so she had to drive at least 1.5hrs to get to Jess and another 1.5 hours up here. I'm sure it was all arranged before this morning but whatever. So I tell her that I am planning a little party in August and she says that her next 3 weekends are booked... hmmm seems that she's making plans with somebody that aren't last minute! Jess, Amanda, my parents... none of them cared to let me in on their plan and speaking of my parents- they can't take 5 minutes to spend with me but can once again drop everything when my sisters come for a "last minute" visit... I am so very sick of meaning nothing, having nothing to offer, and being treated this way by everyone in my life. I must really suck. Wish I wasn't such an insignificant waste of air. Thank God for my babies and Matt because I swear, other than them, I could vanish into thin air and not a soul would notice. Seriously, I can't take much more of this.

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